SKYFISH Stainless Steel Wine Glasses With Black Plated,etched with intricate and authentic baroque engravings,Royal style wine goblets,Set of 2(17oz)

Relax in style with this beautiful stainless-steel wine goblet, perfect for the dining table or a drink to end a long day. Available in black plated finishes, the stainless-steel wine cup features stunning baroque style engraving for an antique look that brings real character to any home. While the antique looks create a beautiful design, this is a thoroughly modern wine goblet, using high-quality, food grade stainless steel that is hard wearing and easy to clean. The eye-catching plating creates a mirror like finish that accentuates the traditional shape and highlights the incredible, intricate engraving. As a stainless-steel wine cup, the thin stem retains strength, giving a classically elegant wine goblet appearance without compromising usability. Choose from dark, elegant black plated, finish to fit your style and bring a very special wine goblet to your dining table today.


2* Wine Goblets 17oz

Product Features

  • The stainless steel wine goblets in SKYFISH are quite dainty. You are sure to love and embrace the way in which they are etched with intricate and authentic baroque engravings. The design simply takes you back to the golden age of noblemen.
  • The wine goblets are unique and are perfect for every event. Their structure is classy and sleek, which makes them a perfect addition for your exquisite kitchen.
  • The elegance of the wine goblets and its premium quality stainless steel just shines out with perfect grace and will add royalty to your kitchen. It has the classic delicate engravings from ancient times. Only a goblet like this can match the nobility and stature. The black colored wine cups will make you feel like a Knight of the middle age.
  • With this wine goblet in your hand, you will feel exquisite and can drown out all the noises of the day. Enjoying wine at the end of the day with utmost peace and pure classy wine cups is a feeling all of you must be looking forward to, occasionally. And, with these classic wine goblets, you are sure to feel that way!
  • These goblets, with their historic element, will meet your caliber and excellence and enhance your family taste. You should have the most elegant wine glasses at every party you host, be that birthday or dinner! If you own a taste of royalty, let your wine goblets depict so, too.

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