The Shepherd’s Dog is Iron & Wine’s third full-length. It was originally released in 2007 to widespread acclaim.

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  • Iron & Wine- The Shepherd’s Dog

2 thoughts on “THE SHEPHERD’S DOG [Vinyl]

  1. Brilliant at all levels Jesus god, does this man EVER stop being incredibly awesome? I’m not sure what his apex work is, but this has to be damned close to it. There’s not a dude track on the whole album and most invite repeated, attentive listening. Songs range the gambit from the mournful “Carousel” to the poppy, but intriguing, “White-Toothed Man”. Sound quality is amazing, so if you’re going to rip this for your music collection, you’d better be thinking OGG-8 or FLAC. Honestly, this album is a…

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