Kalawen Glass Bottle Cutter Bottle Cutting DIY Machine for Cutting Wine, Beer, Liquor, Whiskey, Alcohol Round Bottles from Bottom to Neck – Accessories Tool Kit Gloves Fixing Rubber Ring

Are you still discarding your wine bottles, beer bottles, or other glass bottles?

Please use Kalawen glass bottle cutter to turn your useless bottle into the perfect ornament! You can fin d this kit in every liquor store, this liquor accessory is on the top of the sales, check out everything about it !


1.Adjustable Length of Fixing Baffle: the length between the fixing baffle and the glass cutting knife can be adjusted from 2.8″-15.7″, which allows you to cut bottles of different sizes.
2.Adjustable 5 Wheels: improved 5 wheels, perfect for all bottles over 3 cm in diameter. All other products on the market have only 1-3 wheels, but we have 5 wheels. This allows you to cut out more shapes that you want.
3.Safe Glass Knife: made of improved hard stainless steel, it’s more safe, sturdy and durable. The smooth design for glass wouldn’t scratch your hands.
4.New bottle holder design designed for cutting bottleneck


1.Put the glass bottle (better wine bottle or beer bottle) on the support to confirm where you want to cut.
2.Install the fixing baffle and the screw to the suitable position. Adjust the wheels.
3.Wear gloves. And align bottle to the cutting knife.
4.Push and rotate the bottle with balanced force with all your hands.
5.Put 2 rubber ring on both sides of the cutting line on the bottle.
6.Rinse alternately with boiling water and cold water(each time for more than 40 seconds) to the cutting line between the 2 rubber rings, until the bottle separates. If the bottle doesn’t separate, please repeat this step. NOTE: please use enough hot water, preferably boiling water, or the glass bottle may not separate.
7.Rubbing the cutting surface with sanding paper.


Glass bottle cutter * 1
Screw for glass bottle cutter * 2
Rubber ring * 9
Sanding paper * 2
Glove * 1 Pair
Instruction * 1

Product Features

  • 🏆2019 Upgrad Design for Bottle Neck &Round Bottle: This glass bottle cutter is designed for cutting round bottles and bottle neck, The length of the cutting blade to the support plate can be adjusted 2.8″-15.7″, suitable for cutting glass bottle body with diameter 1.6″-4″.New bottle holder design designed for cutting bottleneck,5 specially designed support wheels can stabilize the bottle bette
  • 🏆Complete DIY Glass Cutting Tool Kit: The glass bottle can be fixed to the bottle cutter easily. In addition to the cutter, we offer accessories such as: 1* pair of gloves, 6* fixing rubber ring, 2* matte paper, 1* cleaning sponge. No need to prepare the tools. You can cut the bottles conveniently and safely.
  • 🏆DIY Creativity & Environmental protection: With glass bottle cutter you can create easily creative decorations, such as vases, candle holders, aroma lampshade etc. This will enhance your creative thinking and artistic sense. While decorating your unique and beautiful life, it also contributes to environmental protection, rather than discarding bottles directly.
  • 🏆Easy to Use & Durable: Place the bottle on the bottle cutter, apply a constant medium pressure, and rotate the glass bottle. Alternately rinse slowly the cutting surface with boiling water and cold water three times, each time for more than 40 seconds. Then the glass bottle will be automatically separated. The smooth cutting knife will not hurt your hand, but will cut the bottle perfectly. The blade is made of sharp and hard metal steel, after 10000 cutting tests, but still works well
  • 🏆Trustworthy Lifetime After-Sales Warranty: If you have any pre-sales or after-sales question, please feel free to contact us. If you’re not satisfied with the glass bottle cutter, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can provide immediately a replacement service or return service for you.

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  1. Very satisfying! I have been meaning to get a bottle cutter for a long time – in fact, I’ve collected a whole bookshelf full of wine bottles for the purpose of cutting and repurposing. I finally bought one in the midst of checking off other DIY projects and am very glad I did!This bottle cutting set arrived just as described. Besides screwing on the L shaped backing to hold the bottom of the wine bottle in place, there was no assembly required. Some…

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  2. If I can do this anyone can. This is a great product for cutting a straight line around a bottle. I found an easier way to split the bottle though rather than using the bands. I dipped the bottle in boiling water then dipped it in ice water, 2-3 times and it just fell off in the water. I was pretty afraid to try this activity but the edges were not really sharp after splitting. If I can do this anyone can. I also suggest having about 3 bottles to practice on first till you…

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