The Spirit of Wine: Finding Religion in the Fruit of the Vine

The Spirit of Wine invites readers to discover how the fruit of the vine can deepen one’s spiritual life. Internationally acclaimed professor of comparative world religions Dr. Stephen Lloyd-Moffett reveals how a life filled with wine can act as a surrogate for traditional religions and spiritual communities. Whether you are a novice in the Church of Wine or already a devotee, this book will deepen your appreciation for wine by exploring the rich history of oenological conversions, mystical wine experiences, and ancient wine rituals. The book concludes with practical tips, including the secret to creating vibrant wine communities and the virtue of monastically-inspired spiritual drunkenness. Finally, a book that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine.Dr. Stephen Lloyd-Moffett is a professor of Religious Studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, amateur winemaker, and caretaker of a backyard vineyard. He holds a Master of Arts and PhD in Religious Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as a Master of Theology from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. His past research includes studies on comparative mysticism, asceticism, the origins of Christianity, and the cognitive science behind religious experience.

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