Hand Blown Italian Style Crystal Red or White Wine Glasses – Lead-Free Premium Crystal Clear Glass – Set of 4 – 18 Ounce – Safer Packaging for Any Occasion

· Italian style, quality of nice restaurant, Made of Lead Free Premium Crystal Glass for sparkling clarity and brilliance.

· 100% HAND-MADE: Using 23 procedures by experienced craft masters who boast more than 10 years experience in this field. Combining classic elegance and modern aesthetics and ingenuity, this Renaissance wine glass is the perfect way to elevate the presentation of your favorite red, white, or blush wines.

· Ultra thin, the slim sidewalls are sleek, yet durable, providing increased mechanical strength, while the ultra thin beadless edge creates an exquisite beverage presentation.

· Seamless bowl and stem design for an upscale look.

· Signature flat foot increases stability on tabletops.

· Chip-resistant with normal use.

Why choose Hand-Blown wine glasses?

Hand-blown wine glasses – Lighter and elegant with excellent flow linearity, this reveals their elegance and quality.

Crystal vs. Glass: How to Choose?

We use barium carbonate and zinc and titanium oxides to replace the traditional lead oxide. These glasses feature similar properties as lead crystal, such as temperature control and the ability to accentuate the aroma and flavors of wine. They also feature a similar refractive index to lead crystal, but are lighter in weight. With these Premium Crystal Glass, our experienced craftsman can make the best quality wine glass.
Although the highest quality crystal glasses are thought to provide a better wine tasting experience, the high cost of these glasses often prevents many from purchasing them.
But now, you have come across JBHome, a professional manufacturer of hand-made glassware, who is able to provide high-quality crystal wine glasses at a affordable price, no more fears of breaking your precious glassware!

Product Features

  • Made From Lead Free Premium Crystal Glass: Italian style, lead free, quality of nice restaurant, absolutely luxurious and luminous to your bar top and dining table, perfect gift for party, Independence Day, Hallowmas, Christmas or any special occasion.
  • Classy and Reusable Packaging: More Environmentally friendly and High grade, whitch even allows you to take your glasses OUTDOORS.
  • 100% Hand Blown :These wine glasses are hand-blown using 23 procedures by experienced craft masters who boast more than 10 years experience in this field. Craftsmanship spirit makes JBHome glass unique and elegant.
  • Ultra Clear and Thin but Sturdy: Crystal Glass is perfectly clear and the ultra thin rim with cold cutting enhancing the perceived quality and flavor of any red/white wine. These red/white wine glasses are not too thick yet strong enough to stand daily washing.
  • Easy to Wash: Dishwasher Safe; Perfect gift for every wine enthusiast in your life. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to experience drinking great tasting wine from premium, luxurious wine glasses!

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