Last of the Summer Wine

Peter Sallis, Bill Owen, Michael Bates, Brian Wilde. The hilarious misadventures of three elderly, unemployed delinquents wandering aimlessly through the straight-laced wool town of Yorkshire. Includes 6 episodes and 2 feature-length specials on 4 DVDs. 1973-83/color/5 hrs., 56 min/NR/fullscreen.”It’s destiny, fate that brings us together. Redundancy. They just don’t care that your mother used to eat insurance men and that yours was struggling to bring you up nicely as a little poof.” So says Clegg (Peter Sallis) to his companions, Compo (Bill Owen) and Blamire (Michael Bates), three fellows getting on in years reunited by unemployment after knowing each other all their lives in a small Yorkshire town. There’s no real story to Last of the Summer Wine, simply the well-observed banter of the central trio and a gallery of eccentric supporting characters. Compo, the irreverent and scruffy “village idiot” and Clegg, the amiable working man are well-loved figures, complemented by the middle-class Conservative Blamire (a nicely rounded portrayal by Bates) and Foggy (Brian Wilde), who joined the series in 1976. This set is a reminder of how good the longest-running comedy in British television history once was, when it was new, fresh, and laugh-out-loud funny. –Gary S. Dalkin

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  1. Delightful Shenanigans! Probably the most comfortable series I’ve ever watched (and considering how many series I’ve watched, that’s saying something).As you watch these old schoolmates, now retired, wander the gorgeous hills around Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England, you slowly get to know them, and eventually you feel that you are right there with them. You know who’s going to fall into the river; who’s going to get into trouble with the stern cafe owner; who’s going to get a purse bounced off the top of his…

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  2. The Devil’s In The Details Last of the Summer Wine is, of course, one of the best things about TV. If you’ve never seen it, give it a try, this ’95 release is a particularly good place to start. It features Foggy in tip top form, I’ve always liked the older Foggy more than the younger Foggy from the ’70’s, but he’s superb no matter what the age. OK, enough for the review, here’s what you want, Information.This release will include a “dizzyingly comical Christmas Special”. This is the first time this…

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