16 Ounce Wine Glasses Set of 16, Lead-Free Cups, Elegant Party Drinking Glassware, Dishwasher Safe

Wine Glasses – All-Purpose – 16-Ounce – Set of 16

Product Features

  • PERFECT QUALITY – The drink glasses are lead-free and eco-friendly so they can be perfectly safe for you and incredibly durable.
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE – The have ultra-thin rim that will improve wine tasting. Their unique design will let your wine breathe and intensify the flavour so that each sip is a life-change experience.
  • HIGH TRANSPARENCY – The glass wine cups have crystal-grade clarity so they can be clear and elegant. They will make the perfect addition to your dinner table and they are essential for every wine party.
  • THE LARGE SET – The 16-ounce win glasses come in a set of 16 and they are essential for your dinner table and kitchen.A large number of wine glasses to meet the needs of all occasions.
  • EASY TO WASH – These wine glasses are dishwasher safe so you can easily wash them and keep them in perfect condition with no hassle!

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