Last of the Summer Wine: Holiday Specials 1986-1989


Last of the Summer Wine: Holiday Specials 1986-1989 (DVD)

It’s Christmas time in West Yorkshire and everyone’s favorite geriatrics join in the holiday spirit for four hilarious Christmas Specials! Believing the only place Santa should be seen is from below, Seymour hatches a plan to dress Compo up as Father Christmas and launch him onto a roof. The trio tries to help a tramp reunite with his childhood donkey, but the boys are foiled when they discover the donkey is scheduled to compete in the final event at the annual party at Dream Acres. Seymour, Foggy and Compo dress up as Santa for charity. Howard asks for help watching his Auntie Wainwright’s shop, but when the trio arrives to a dark and deserted shop, they’re surprised to find a Christmas party going on inside. Finally, Compo wants to earn money so he can buy Nora the perfect Christmas present, but as soon as he’s saved enough, all of the stores are closing…except Auntie Wainwrights.


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  • Factory sealed DVD

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