Open the Bottle Easily
When the hand is not as good as it used to be, it doesn’t have that much strength. It is getting harder and harder to turn the bottle opener by hand to open the bottle.
Every time you want to drink a glass of wine, you want to give up when you face the strong cork. Our electric bottle opener solves your problem. Allows you to open the bottle effortlessly in seconds, allowing you to enjoy the wine immediately.

Essential for Drinking at Home
This wine bottle opener features a glamorous stainless steel handle for a comfortable feel and a transparent outer casing around the screw mechanism, eliminating the need to guess when the cork is completely removed from the bottle. A built-in rechargeable battery can open approximately 40 bottles of wine on a single battery.

How to Use:
1.Before remove the cork you must remove any foil from the bottle, using the cutter provided.
2. Place the bottle opener on top of the bottle to ensure that it remains as upright as possible at all time.
3. Press the lower part of the switch to start. The spiral helix will turn in a clockwise direction and enter the cork while gradually removing it from the bottle.
4. When the bottle opener stop working, lift the bottle opener away from the bottle. To remove the cork, simply press the upper part of the switch.

❤ 1. Packing without charging plug.
❤ 2. Stay away from children to avoid injury.
❤ 3. Under no circumstances should you put your finger in the hole of the bottle opener.
❤ 4. Do not place the electric bottle opener in water or other liquids.
❤ 5. Please use after charging time 8 hours, but do not charge continuously for more than 48 hours.
❤ 6. Please read the user manual carefully before use.

Package Includes
✔ 1 x Electric Wine Opener
✔ 1 x Foil Cutter
✔ 1 x USB Data Cable (not include charging plug
✔ 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 🍷 Simple and Fast – Simple push-button operation, automatic electric wine bottle opener opens a bottle in seconds with no efforts. With blue/red LED Indicator light. Blue for extract the cork and Red for expel it.
  • 🍷 Long Use Time – The rechargeable bottle opener is made of stainless steel and is durable and rust-proof to ensure long-term safe use. Opens up to 40 bottles of wine on a single charge. More environmentally friendly, more safety, more efficiently.
  • 🍷 Convenient Charging – The electric wine opener built-in rechargeable battery. USB charging and equipped with USB data cable, suitable for charging any USB port, easy charging via mobile power, laptop, computer or other USB device, convenient and simple.
  • 🍷 Satisfactory Gift – Elegant and charming design, comfortable handle, aluminum alloy shell, modern design gives you a sense of luxury. The process of opening the bottle is transparent and visible, and in the LED light is more attractive. Giving others as gifts is more grade. This bottle opener is a favorite gift for wine lovers’ festivals.
  • 🍷 Satisfaction Guarantee – We are committed to high quality products and customer satisfaction. Since purchase within one year, If you are not satisfied with the wine opener, please contact us! We are pleased to solve and provide you a wonderful shopping experience.

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