Woman King

Sam Beam’s third record is striking both for its broadened instrumental palette (percussion, piano, violin, electric guitar) and its thematic focus on female characters both archetypal and personal. He frames his melancholy in concrete imagery and solid, inviting melodies. Self-assured, spellbinding, and richly, refreshingly adult. Six new songs recorded with Brian Deck in Chicago.Can prolific, heartfelt singer-songwriter Sam Beam do any wrong? The title track to this six song EP continues much in the same vein as 2004’s exceptional Our Endless Numbered Days. Recorded with Red Red Meat alum Brian Deck, Woman King subtly opens the sonic palette up to include more percussion, piano, and wait is that an electric guitar? “Grey Stables” and “Evening on the Ground,” have gorgeous fiddle playing, while the pacing and multi-limbed percussion of those songs and “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” are very Allman Brothers (that’s a good thing.) It’s not all slowly stewing nouveau Southern rock, however. The sweet, vocal-fueled “Jezebel” would easily have fit on the first album, while the lovely ballad “In My Lady’s House” demonstrates further why siblings should sing together, as Sam and sister Sarah hit ideal harmonies. –Mike McGonigal

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  • Iron & Wine- Woman King

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  1. Another magical album by Sam Beam I only discovered Sam Beam’s Iron and Wine this summer, but I’ve been quick to join what I hope is a growing body of fans. I have found his astonishingly gorgeous melodies, poetical lyrics, whispered vocals, exquisite yet bare arrangements, and highly accomplished yet restrained guitar/banjo/dobro playing to be irresistible. I find the music on albums like THE CREEK DRANK THE CRADLE, OUR ENDLESS NUMBERED DAYS, and THE RHYTHM AND THE SEA so compelling that I’ve learned how to use all the…

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