Wine Enthusiast 272 02 13W Stainless Steel/Wood Shelves Silent 12-Bottle Wine Cooler, Stainless

Wine protection meets counter-top convenience. Enhances counter areas with designer styling, including a reflective smoked-glass door. Increases the convenience of temperature control with an exterior digital touchscreen. Protects the taste of reds and whites with updated, virtually silent cooling technology, all for a price that makes enjoying wine affordable!

Delivery of this wine cooler is not available to be sold in California due to the California Energy Commission Energy Efficiency standards which regulate appliances maximum energy consumption (kWh)

Product Features

  • A thermoelectric, energy-efficient, CFC-free wine cooler. ETL approved
  • Adjustable temperature range: 50-66°F
  • 12-bottle capacity*
  • Dimensions: 15- 1/4″H X 15-3/4″W X 19- 3/4″D

3 thoughts on “Wine Enthusiast 272 02 13W Stainless Steel/Wood Shelves Silent 12-Bottle Wine Cooler, Stainless

  1. Not Perfect, But Good Enough It’s a beautiful looking unit! Mine is currently stocked with 11 bottles (eight regular-size wine bottles and three bottles of champagne). As others mentioned, it was necessary to remove the bottom shelf in order to accommodate the larger champagne bottles, but that was no big deal. I do wish that it maintained the slightly lower temperature (45-48 degrees) that my previous, much less expensive unit did, but it is retaining the 50 degrees that it is designed to do. Possible negatives…

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  2. It Does the Trick This unit looks nice.It does take a looooong time to cool back down to 55 once you fill it with room temp bottles. But it does cool down. And mine does go below 55.It only fits standard size bottles. I don’t buy large bottles but some are longer and thinner in shape and it does not fit them. I can, however, remove the lower rack and put them my opinion it cheapens the unit tho.The racks are don’t glide in and out gracefully but it does the trick and it looks…

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