EJ’s Wine Set: Wine Aerator Pourer, Wine Opener, Wine Saver Pump, and 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers | Wine Gift Set, Wine Preserver, Decanter Spout, Waiters Corkscrew – Premium Wine Accessories

EJ’s Wine Set offers premium wine accessories perfect for every wine occasion, a must have for any wine enthusiast. Our wine set is designed to enhance your entire wine tasting experience and preserve your favorite bottles of wine! The perfect gift for wine lovers.

EJ’s Wine Set Includes Waiter’s Corkscrew, Wine Aerator Pourer, Wine Saver Pump, and 2 Vacuum Wine Stoppers

Waiter’s Corkscrew:
Open your wine bottle using our premium and versatile 4 in 1 waiters corkscrew. Providing a serrated foil cutter, wine opener, bottle opener, and double hinged fulcrum feature to remove even the longest and most fragile corks.

Wine Aerator Pourer:
Designed with the most advanced and effective air chambers infusing oxygen, opening flavors, and releasing aromas every time wine is poured. Our aerator decanter pourer consists of a premium stainless acrylic spout and silicone insert that prevents bottle leakage. Double the quality of your wine by just pouring yourself a glass of your favorite red, rosé, or white wine.

Wine Saver Pump & 2 Wine Stoppers:
Save your favorite opened wine bottle! Our stainless steel vacuum pump effectively removes all air, while preserving the freshness and lifetime of the wine. Simply insert the rubber wine stopper, pump a few times until resistance, store wine bottle in your preferred location, and enjoy for up to 14 days.

Product Features

  • 🍷PERFECT FOR WINE LOVERS: EJ’s Wine Set includes a Wine Opener, Wine Aerator Pourer, Wine Saver Pump, and 2 Wine Stoppers. If you love wine, you’ll love EJ’s Wine Set!
  • 🍷PREMIUM WINE ACCESSORIES: Our wine set provides the must have accessories for every wine occasion. From the moment you open, pour, and store your wine – EJ’s has you covered! The perfect gift for all types of wine drinkers and enthusiasts.
  • 🍷EXPERIENCE WINE LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Our Aerator Pourer contains small air chambers that infuse the perfect amount of oxygen with each pour, enhancing the quality and taste of your wine by releasing its natural flavors and aromas. Don’t worry about wine stains or bottle drips anymore, our spout tip is leak proof designed so you can enjoy pouring wine without making a spill.
  • 🍷PRESERVE OPEN WINE BOTTLES: Our Wine Saver Pump effectively creates an airtight vacuum seal that preserves wine for up to 14 days. Easily store your opened wine bottle by inserting the wine stopper and pumping until resistance. This process removes all air and oxidation helping preserve the freshness of your favorite wine.
  • 🍷WINE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our wine set is produced with the highest quality to ensure durability and performance for years to come. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase so add EJ’s Wine Set to your wine collection today at no risk!

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  1. Love this set. I bought one a different one as a gift 2 months ago and was not impressed with the material.I was searching around for a complete wine opening/closing set and after looking at a few, decided to go with this brand.Pros: -Quality- everything you need- great customer support (love helping out small family-owned businesses)Cons: – I wish it didn’t come in those flimsy amazon bags (would prefer a carton)I understand this…

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  2. This is my first time getting a set like this and I’m digging it!Aerator pourer works very well, and comes with a tube extension as well (pictured in box, far right). It’s also leakproof as accurately mentioned in the description.Waiter’s corkscrew is 4-in-1. The double-hinged fulcrum is great at opening bottles!One comment I have is that you have to pump the Saver Pump fast and not slow for it to work effectively. It works well otherwise!Other…

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