Wine Glass Markers – 3 Set All Purpose Glass Markers – Wine Charms for Fun, Love, Joy with eBook for Creative Ideas – Smudge-Free Kitchen Markers – Fully Erasable Glass Pens

How many times have you picked up the wrong drink at a party…or had your drink stolen by one of your friends? 
And if you try to write names on each glass in order to keep track of drinks, it can turn into a mess, since condensation all but guarantees smudged ink!
But Reload Joy Markers save the day with their beautiful, vibrant colors, easy cleaning, and smudge-free, non-toxic ink! 

So… throw that party today! And pick up your drink confidently!

What you’ll get:
3 metallic markers (gold, silver, and copper/gold) to write on any glassy surface;
3 wine charms for fun, love, and joy;
1 eBook with 10 ideas to help you jump-start your creativity with our wine glass markers;
FREE colored printable templates (better than stencils).

Why choose us?
1. Wine Markers for glasses have been at more than 10,000 parties all over America, from New York, to Miami, to L.A., and everywhere in between! Invite us to your parties, as well, so that all of your friends can keep track of their glasses AND leave with clean hands.
2. We don’t offer just a product, but a complete package that will help you to make your party memorable.
3. You will receive your package before the party begins! Our shipping times will be in accordance with Amazon terms, or we will pay your shipping costs.
4. No dried-up markers here! All of our markers are of the highest quality and have been rigorously tested and proven to function properly, even after being kept sealed and unused for one year.
5. The markers can be easily cleaned off of all the non-porous objects you write on (including glass, mirrors, windows, plastic, ceramic, chalkboard, whiteboard, and metal) with the included microfiber cloth or with wine wipes (not included in set).
6. You can download useful printable stencils from our website that will bring the ideas found in our eBook to life.

Product Features

  • ◼️ NEW COPPER/BRONZE COLOR BRING YOUR ARTWORK TO LIFE! These erasable markers come in 3 unique, metallic colors: gold, silver and coppe/bronze..
  • ◼️ NO MORE SMUDGES OR INK ON YOUR FINGERS! Our wine glass markers are made from a special non-toxic ink. Simply let the ink dry for 1-3 minutes, and both your hands and the glass will be smudge-free, even with frozen drinks or condensation.
  • ◼️ BE CREATIVE AND PUT YOUR MARK ON IT! Draw or write with our glass markers on any glassy surface. If you love it, leave it. If you don’t, use the microfiber cloth to erase it. Completely washable on any non-porous surface.
  • ◼️ PERFECT FOR BACHELORETTE PARTIES! Ideal for personalized wine glass tags, beer glasses, cup markers, hostess gift ideas, wine glass labels, and much more.
  • ◼️ WE OFFER A 200% GUARANTEE FOR OUR WINE GLASS MARKERS! We stand behind our products. If you’re not extremely satisfied with any wine marker, our team will find a way to make it right…and “reload your joy”!

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  1. Color lasts and Easy to remove when needed I had no clue something like this existed til I was on Pinterest planning an event. I was expecting to need to buy those paint markers that are a little more permanent and then have the guests take their glasses or throw them away. When I discovered that there were these markers that lasted when you need them and easy to take off when you wipe them.. I know I needed them. I chose this brand because of the colors, I loved the gold and silver and the vibrancy of the colors. Most people wrote…

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  2. I absolutely love these markers!! These markers are amazing! I thought they would be more like dry erase markers and was pleasantly surprised that they stay on the glass when you lightly rub over them!! 😮 So totally unexpected I did a little happy dance when I realized I hadn’t accidentally removed all of my beautiful work when my hand rested on the writing.I used these on a white board too, I’m not sure if they’ll come off after a long time but after a few days it wiped off with the included cloth easily…

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