Quilted Secrets

Everyone has at least one secret they carry through their lives. Lily tries to keep a secret herself as she encounters the many secrets of her quilt class, community, friends, and family members. The mystery continues with the doctor that once lived in Lily’s house, whose secrets may never be known. An unexpected, life-changing secret is revealed when an estranged cousin comes to visit. Will Lily tell? Quilted Secrets is the third novel in the Wine Country Quilts Series. Ann Hazelwood is a former shop owner and native of St. Charles, Missouri. She’s always adored quilting and is a certified quilt appraiser. She’s the author of the wildly successful Colebridge Community Series and considers writing to be one of her greatest passions. Other Book Series: Colebridge Community Series (7 novels) and East Perry County Series (5 novels)

2 thoughts on “Quilted Secrets

  1. Based on reviews shown here, I realize that I am alone in my opinion. After just finishing another authors fabulous series centered around a quilt shop, I am highly disappointed in this book. Sadly, I bought all three in the hopes of another series of great reads. The character development is disconnected and difficult to follow. I’m on chapter 17 and I’m still not sure about Lily’s relationships with Marc and Alex. Then there’s the Italian guy. I feel like I need to start all over and write…

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