VINRELLA Wine Bottle Umbrellas, Reserve Burgundy

Finally, an umbrella you can store wet – keeping your purse or bag dry! These designer umbrellas and the matching no-drip bottle are built sturdy with a style for any personality. All the reasons that make Vinrella a fun, memorable gift for your friends – or simply yourself! Go beyond the universe of boring umbrellas with our White Galaxy design. It’s clean white look and subtle black shapes will keep you dry while accessorizing outfits of any color. Whether you’re off to work or off to play, it’s a unique umbrella that’s out-of-this-world fun.

Product Features

  • Vinrella Wine Bottle Umbrellas, Reserve Burgundy
  • Our Burgundy Umbrella in a Wine Bottle is our most popular – and for good reason. Inspired to be the perfect gift for the deserving wine lover, there is no other vintage that stops the rain so well with such uniqueness. Let it peek out of your purse on your night out and prepare to answer the question, “Where did you get that fun umbrella?”
  • The Umbrella is a Fully functional rain and shade umbrella, manual open, Strong frame made of black powder and coated steel, five fold with twenty four ribs in canopy, 100% Polyester
  • All Vinrella umbrellas have a no-drip design to seal your wet umbrella in the bottle and protect your purse, backpack or briefcase.
  • Bottle dimensions: 12′” high, 2″ diameter Weight: 1 lb

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  1. Clever way to stay dry! I was excited to find this clever umbrella on Amazon and thought it would be the perfect gift, especially for my wine drinking friends. I received it quickly and it was everything I expected and more! I love the quality of this umbrella and holder. The colors are bright and the cannister (bottle) is strong. I gave it to my friend and she was thrilled as she loves wine and animal prints. There are many prints available and I have put a couple more in my wish list for future birthday gifts. I…

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  2. I bought this for a Christmas gift for a friend who enjoys her wine. The umbrella appears to be well made and was easy to open and close and fit back into the bottle. I had not realized how great an idea it was that the umbrella fits so neatly back together. There is always that awkward moment when you arrive at someone else”s business with a very wet umbrella. This one folds up so neatly and the water is contained. It is small enough to fit into a attache bag or purse. I am looking forward to…

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