Around the Well

This double CD/triple LP collects songs ranging from out-of-print to never-before-released and spans Iron And Wine’s earliest sessions which yielded the band’s debut (2002’s “The Creek Drank The Cradle”) through material recorded for 2007’s “The Shepherd’s Dog”. The double disc is broken into two sections. The first is an assortment of hushed home recordings, unedited and raw, and the second highlights moments captured in the studio with the help of other musicians, friends, and engineers.

Note: The CD’s are placed under the pocket.

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  • Iron And Wine- Around The Well

3 thoughts on “Around the Well

  1. Enjoying this the more I listen to it. I ordered these records because I’m a huge fan of the album. The first records I received were pretty severely warped and it appeared that some of the epoxy from the plastic/paper sleeves had left a streak of thin epoxy on all of the included records . I returned the records and received a new batch with the same issue. It doesn’t seem to effect the sound quality that much. It’s noticeable but basically only for the first song on each record. Anyways, I’m thinking at this point that If I return…

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  2. Doesn’t feel like B-sides and rarities Just discovered this band on Pandora. I am really enjoying listening to them. Kind of simple, but there is just something I like about them . . .Music is all about personal taste and I respect all musicians for the hard work they do to provide us enjoyment and heart-enrichment and hope that Iron & Wine continues to grow and prosper as a group of musicians.My 18 year old son is a singer/songwriter so I am acutely aware of how tough it is in this biz and have so much…

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  3. Most of this double album feels as high quality as any Iron and Wine release. Catchy tunes, unique poetic lyrics, and Sam Beam’s great voice are all in evidence here, especially IMO on the 2nd disc. I believe there are 4 covers here and one can easily pick them out they just don’t sound lyrically anything like normal I&W. Very few outright duds, maybe 4 at most, ymmv. Many true gems, Trapeze Swinger is an amazing 9:30 mins that I have no trouble listening to over and over again. Overall,…

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