RAGU 4-in-1 Vacuum Wine Stoppers Set with Wine Saver Pump, Wine Opener, Wine Aerator and 4 Beverage Air Bottle Stoppers

Designed for wine enthusiasts crazy In love with wine, but cannot finish a bottle? Just let the RAGU wine accessory set help you! No matter you need to remove the cork, aerate your wine, or preserve the opened bottle, This classic set will effortlessly fulfill all your expectations.

Product Features

  • Must-have wine accessories: The RAGU wine accessory set offers an essential and handy wine tools combination for opening, decanting, preserving a bottle of wine. It includes 1 wine Saver (vacuum pump), 4 reusable stoppers, 1 bottle opener (with a folding knife), and 1 Aerator pourer.
  • Keep wine fresh longer: using the wine vacuum pump and stopper to remove all air and create an air-tight seal of the opened bottle within few minutes, it helps the wine maintain its original pure flavor and smell for a longer time, allowing you to enjoy every sip of fresh.
  • Top notch quality: The main materials of this All-in-One wine tool set are premium stainless steel & PMMA, non-toxic rubber, and high-density ABS plastic. The enhanced materials make your tools safe, durable, and trustworthy for different wine types, such as chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc.
  • Perfect for all occasions: the easy-to-use multipurpose wine accessories can be used for versatile events and occasions, like family or business dinner, theme party, holiday feast, winery picnic, wedding banquet, and more.
  • Hassle-free 1-year: The deluxe wine gift kit comes with a 12-month, which lets you request a product replacement, or a partial/full refund from the date of purchase with ease. Plus, RAGU provides a lifetime customer support. Please feel free to Contact us if you have any problems or need any help.

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  1. Makes for a great gift This product is so great! This would be such a great housewarming gift for any friends or family! I love that it has a wine aerator and it also has so much more to offer like wine stoppers as well. The wine stoppers are my favorite part because they create a vacuum seal on your wine bottle keeping it nice and fresh for future use! The corkscrew is also nice quality and stainless steel looking . I am planning on buying a few of these just to keep for…

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