Thumbs Up WineFinder Wine App

Product Features

  • Instantly find the best wines in the supermarket or warehouse store you’re shopping in.
  • Find wines by price, type, the food you’re having for dinner – even specific flavors you like!
  • Whenever you find something you want to save, just add it to My Wine! You can take a few of your own notes and add your own star ratings.
  • Always up-to-date, with hundreds of new reviews added each month.
  • Check out our entertaining videos on everything from “How to Pronounce Gewurztraminer” to “How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew.”

2 thoughts on “Thumbs Up WineFinder Wine App

  1. App is Easy to use and great results in my wine search. I live in the wine country and enjoy wine with meals. I also have many family members in the wine industry. I can’t feel free to serve Two Buck Chuck aka Charles Shaw. Conversely, I don’t believe the price of a bottle of wine is necessarily an indication of it’s quality. This app is a handy cheat sheet to find extraordinary wines at a value. You can tailor your search to your supermarket or region. You can find just the wine you’re looking for without breaking the bank and serving it with…

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