Natural Wine for the People: What It Is, Where to Find It, How to Love It

A compact illustrated guide to the emerging and enormously popular category of natural wine, a style that focuses on minimal intervention, lack of additives, and organic and biodynamic growing methods.

Today, wine is more favored and consumed that it’s ever been in the United States–and millennials are leading the charge, drinking more wine than any other generation in history. Many have been pulled in by the tractor beam of natural wine–that is, organic or biodynamic wine made with nothing added, and nothing taken away–a movement that has completely rocked the wine industry in recent years. While all of the hippest restaurants and wine bars are touting their natural wine lists, and while more and more consumers are calling for natural wine by name, there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly natural wine is, where to find it, and how to enjoy it. In Natural Wine for the People, James Beard Award-winner Alice Feiring sets the record straight, offering a pithy, accessible guide filled with easy definitions, tips and tricks for sourcing the best wines, whimsical illustrations, a definitive list to the must-know producers and bottlings, and an appendix with the best shops and restaurants specializing in natural wine across the country, making this the must-buy and must-gift wine book of the year.

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  1. This is a very special book—it provides information in a way that is designed to appeal to both the person who possesses wine knowledge as well as the person who is seeking to learn more about wine and, specifically, natural wine. Terms of art are explained in a manner that is understandable and fun to read. I loved the chapters dealing with wines that you can’t live without drinking. The book also provides guidance on where to find the wines in many states in the US. I enjoyed the wine…

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