3 Pack Wine Bottle Protector Travel Bag | Reusable Wine Sleeve Bag | Pack in Luggage Suitcase for Airplane | Protective Inner Skin Tough Leak Proof | Bonus Travel Corkscrew | Wine Accessory


When spending money on wine, champagne or expensive liquor you don’t want to find them in pieces when arriving home from your trip. Also you don’t want a wine bag that is just one time use, which has unreliable sticky glue that fails after the first use.


Maximum protection offered to any glass bottle! This Wine Bags for Travel are padded inside with two layers of Bubble –Wrap, cushions and protects from most of the knocks or bumps. In the rare case of breaking, the inside luggage will stay dry. Triple Seal Protection will make sure no liquid will ruin your clothes. This is done by Two Step Zip-Lock system, and a strong Velcro seal at the bottom.This wine tote bag offers complete confidence and peace of mind that everything arrives home intact from your trip.


  • 2 LAYERS OF THICK BUBBLE CUSHION – other wine protectors offer just one
  • 2 STRONG ZIP LOCK SEALS – makes it leak-prof in case of accidents
  • 1 VELCRO STRIP – last protective barrier, seals & wraps everything tight
  • STRONG OUTER SHELL – absorbs kicks and knocks on the trip. 



As travelers ourselves, we know traveling can sometimes be a headache. That is why this sturdy wineskin will prevent your glass bottles from breaking inside your luggage and your belongings will stay dry the entire trip.

That is why we added a BONUS CORKSCREW and Bottle Opener (5.99$)  just so you have it at the right time. Wine Suit is the best travel container for bottles

Product Features

  • 🍾 FITS ANY GLASS BOTTLE size and shape. Take no risks when traveling to Europe, Asia or any other corner of the world. Our Premium Wine Bottle Protectors passed the traveling test. This wine bags are 100% REUSABLE which means you SAVE MONEY on every travel and have peace of mind all the way. Wine bottle travel made easy thanks to this Wine Bottle Carrier
  • 👍 DOUBLE SAFETY IS OUR PROMISE: We created high quality wine bags for travel to offer to our customers. This 3 Pack Wine Bottle Sleeve is manufactured with high quality and durable materials to make the best wine bottle travel bag on the market. First your bottles are safe, second your purchase is safe. If you’re not happy with this bottle protector you get full refund, no questions asked. This is our Double Safety Promise to you.
  • ❤️ EASE OF USE: Insert Bottle, push down the zip locks, close Velcro and fold. That’s it! This Portable Wine Shipping Wrap is tough on the outside, soft and protective on the inside. It is a great wineskin protector and also a practical gift for friends traveling. Use this wine travel bag anytime with ease : airline,rail,car or bus travel.
  • ✈️ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & TSA APPROVED – Wrapping travel wine bottles in clothes are over. One accident will ruin all your clothes and vacation. These wine wrap bubble bags are LEAK PROOF & BREAK PROOF thanks to 2 Layer Bubble Protection and Secure Triple Seal System. The outer material is strong and sturdy and can absorb shocks and bumps along the way. This wine bag carrier is a trusty friend when traveling. Suitable for airplane travel, cruises or car. Great resealable wine shipper bag
  • 🎈 GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY – Getting that surprise gift for a wine lover is a headache sometimes. This Wineskin bottle travel bag is elegant and functional. It’s foldable and packs flat in any luggage or suitcase. Easy to carry that special souvenir wine bottle from duty free or wine shop. Also can be used to carry Vodka, Whiskey, Liquor, Beer or any kind of alcohol bottled spirit. It also includes a useful Travel Corkscrew to have it around just in case. Great Wine Gift Bag to begift!

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