An Illustrated Guide to French Wines

A completely hand-painted guide on French wines. In this busy age when nobody has the time to read volumes, this is a book filled with colorful illustrations with a bit of history, a bit of fun facts, on how to read French wine labels and the major wine-producing regions in France. Bordeaux? Bourgogne? Château? Domaine? Rosé? All explained in an Urban Sketching style.

2 thoughts on “An Illustrated Guide to French Wines

  1. The simple, witty text and detailed illustrations in this guide to French wines make it a wonderful read. The paperback is a nice square shape. I am a novice to wines and loved the facts and history. My husband who is an expert on wines also enjoyed this book as it has a very nice flow to it. We also downloaded the kindle edition which comes free if you buy the paperback. It was great to view the colorful illustrations on the Kindle reader on our iPad and they looked sharp even when we…

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is a very useful and visually appealing resource for budding wine enthusiasts. This book has definitely helped me better understand the French wine labels and make informed choices while buying them. Plus the author has included her recommendations of French wines for gifting which I found super useful. The illustrations by the author are beautifully done and drives home the ideas very well. I highly recommend this book and it is a perfect gift choice…

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