This is a great product for those concerned about disposing of glass bottles, some of them are recyclable and here is your chance to recycle on your own. Decorate your exclusive beautiful life and help you do your bit for the environment protection by your creative recycle ideas and handmade practice.

1.Adjust the glass cutter machine to the botle size;
2.Position the bottle on the rollers and turn it carefully through 360 degrees to make a score the whole way round;
3.Place the rubber rings on both sides of the score;
4.Pour boiling water and cold water over the score alternately until it pops apart;
5.Grind the cut with sand paper.

Item Name: Bottle Cutter
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 13*4.7*2.8inch
Weight: 1.8 lb

1.Keep the bottle no liquid inside.
2.Remove the cap or cork when cutting.
3.Maintain a safe distance and wear safety glasees & gloves whilst cutting or rinsing bottles.

Package Included:
1 * Bottle Cutter Tool
4 * Sand Paper
4 * Rubber Ring
1 * Gloves
1 * Drill Bit
1 * Sponge Brush
1 * Alcohol Lamp Burner
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • UPGRADED VERSION RED WHEEL BOTTLE CUTTER: It equipped with adjustable blades and red wheels for cutting glass bottles whose diameter greater than 1.8 inch. Compared with the white nylon wheel, the red rubber wheel has better friction and stability, which helps to get clean cuts.
  • LONG LASTING BLADE: Blade is made of sharp and hard metallic-steel and have been tested by 200 times cutting but still works sharply and great.
  • SMOOTH CUTTING: Easy to make a score the whole way round to get perfect breaks and clean cuts. Thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly. Even non-professional craftsman can handle it well.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING LENGTH: You can change the bottle cutting length by adjusting the L-shaped support part. Best fit for beer bottle, wine bottle, vodka bottle, drink bottle etc.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1pc bottle cutter, 4pcs sand paper, 4pcs rubber ring, 1 set gloves, 1pc sponge brush, 1pc drill bit and user manual.

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