Rapid Ice Wine Cooler, Gel Wine Bottle Chill Cooler Ice Bag – Freezer Bag- Vodka- Tequila Chiller- Cooler- Carrier

  • Freezer Gel Wine Tote is both a wine chiller and an insulated tote. Put the Freezer Gel Wine Cooler Tote in the freezer for a few hours and it becomes a instant cooler for wine. 
  • The flexibility of the freezable Chill Deluxe Wine Cooler Bag, with  gel cells on all four sides and flexible tubular handles, will adapt to the shape of your wine bottle. 
  • The cooling pockets of the Gel Wine Cooler Bag keep your wine chilled and dry. No need to add ice or water so no mess. 
  • You can even serve the wine without removing the bottle from the bag! The Gel Wine Cooler Bag is small and light and will protect your bottle when you travel.
  • Keeping your wine properly chilled when heading out for a picnic or another event is an important consideration. 
  • Putting it in a cooler like a can of soda pop or beer just doesn’t sit right. Instead, give your wine the higher level of treatment it deserves and use a collapsible cooler bag made especially for this purpose.
  • With the ICE BAG Collapsible Wine Cooler Bag from Wine Devices, it is easy to keep your wine chilled just right. Simply add water and ice to the bag, insert the bottle and you are all set.
  • Using an ice bag wine cooler shows your guests that you truly appreciate fine wine, and that the moments you share together are especially meaningful to you.
  • Caution: Put in freezer for only a few hours before use. Do not store bag in the freezer. To prevent the possibility of tearing the bag, let bag relax and thaw for a few minutes at room temperature before opening.

    Product Features

    • NO MORE ICE BUCKET chillers — Chills wine within 5 minutes and keeps it cold for hours! No need for an ice bucket! TWO FOR A PRICE OF ONE
    • CHILL DRINKS QUICK — and keeping them cold longer. Just place the Rapid Ice Cooler in the freezer for 6 hours to activate the cooling gel. When frozen, slide the cooler onto the bottle for perfectly chilled wine in 5 minutes
    • UNBREAKABLE AND REUSABLE–Designed to fit any standard-size wine bottle. It does not sweat and there is no pooling water underneath, It’s great for outside lanai parties or BBQs
    • FOLDABLE FOR EASY STORAGE –The lightweight fold flat design allows for easy storage and allows you take it to parties, picnics, barbecues and so much more
    • HANDLES FOR EASY TRANSPORTATION–Once used, simply return them to the freezer for subsequent re-application.Great to be in any party supply list

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