Red Wine Aerator Pourer for Wine Bottle Aerating Diffuser Decanter Instantly Effectively Enriches Wine with Air While Pouring with Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms Best Wine Accessories and Present

Aerator Wine Pourer for Wine Bottle with Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms by Toadal

The set includes a one stylish wine aerator pourer and 6 beautiful magnetic wine glass charms.

When you hear your wine bubbling through the aerator, you know that this wine will be in its full potential. Enjoy your glass in piece or with the company, Toadal Aerator Pourer brought you the best aerating techniques in its class to make you glass of wine special. Aerating pourer:
Breathes wine effectively
Aerates instantly-don’t wait for your glass of wine
Makes your wine taste better by unlocking the aroma and flavor
Stylish Aerator looks good in your wine cart
Impressive results with such a small wine tool

The aerating pourer is 6 inches long from the base to the tip and 2 inches wide in diameter in the wide base. The silicone base inserts and fits securely in all bottle types for easy, drip-free pouring. Easy to clean under running water. The Pourer Wine Aerator come in a elegant gift box that is perfect for any present.
Wine Glass Charms set of 6 are magnetic and stick right on any glass walls (wine glass, stemless wine glasses Champagne glasses etc.), stainless steel tumblers or even plastic cups. The charm markers have 6 different colors and help differentiate each person’s glass. Stylish wine charms for men and women look elegantly (not bulky) on each glass, they don’t dangle, and they do not fall off.

Easy Instructions:
The wine aerator is easy to use. Uncork wine bottle, insert the wine aerator directly in bottle and pour wine red or white nto the glass.
For wine glass charms markers: Separate the magnets from each other and place the stone magnet outside of glass wall and a magnet base inside the glass wall. They will always stay tightly on the glass until you remove them. No worry about losing the charms.

This product has a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WARRANTY, so try it risk free.

Product Features

  • BREATH YOUR WINE EFFECTIVELY. Aerating Pourer helps soften flavors and releases aromas in the wine, thereby bringing it to its full potential. The aerating of any wine will make it taste better, richer and more flavorful. The aerator has air passages that effectively bring the air into steam of wine when pouring.
  • UNLOCK WINE FLAVORS INSTANTLY: Wine air aerator easily inserted into any wine bottle and very effective to bring air into your wine. Enjoy aerated wine immediately by pouring a glass directly from the bottle with unique technology aerating system. It fills your wine with oxygen much faster and effectively help evaporate unnecessary chemicals from the wine. No need to wait for your glass of wine!
  • STYLISH DESIGN WITH PREMIUM QUALITY. Elegantly designed wine aerating pourer spout refines your wine drinking experience by having a dripless spout system. It makes wine flow smoothly, directly into the glass and easily controlled which prevents spilling and wine stains. It is made of high-quality FDA Approved materials and makes it perfect addition to your wine essentials. WARRANTY GUARANTEE: Use Risk free!
  • AMAZING GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS OR ANY HOST. You found perfect gift for any occasion: wedding, anniversary, birthday or housewarming. The stylish box design and usefulness of wine aerator make it unique and valuable gift.
  • ROCK YOUR DINNER PARTY WITH WINE CHARMS. Red Wine Aerator Pourer comes with 6 CRYSTAL MAGNETIC CHARMS to bring best value and ultimate experience. The wine charms are magnetic makers for your stemless wine glass, regular tall wine glass, stainless steel tumblers. The Wine Glass charms consist of 6 different crystal stone colors. They securely attach to each glass to help make your glass personalized. they don’t dangle and don’t fall off. They are elegant and beautiful.

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