Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1991


Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1991 (DVD)

The world’s longest-running sitcom returns with more antics from everyone’s favorite geriatrics! Compo is just as smitten with Nora as ever, so when Smiler becomes her lodger, Compo is left depressed. The trio tracks down one of Compo’s old friends from school hoping to cash in on an old debt. Foggy also has his inventor’s cap back on this season. He creates a chair lift to get up the hills and a pole vault to help Compo hang a washing line for Nora, but as usual, his brilliant ideas lead to a few mishaps along the way. Finally, in the Christmas special, Foggy starts a new business venture, enlisting Compo as his first employee.


Product Features

  • TV
  • Run Time: 330
  • Release Date: 2/21/2012

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  1. Great show annoying laugh track. I love this show and would love it more if it wasn’t for the annoyingly LOUD laugh track Yes, I know they famously didn’t use a “laugh-track” per se; no, they recorded an audience watching the taped parts and used that – L O U D L Y !!! In some of the episodes the recorded laughter steps on the dialogue. I don’t understand the why the execs or whomever thinks it is necessary to cue the audience to laughter. I have bought and watched almost the whole 38 year spanning series and have…

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