Bambud Electric Wine Bottle Opener Battery Powered Cordless Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter(Stainless Steel)


Simple to operate, removes the cork in seconds.
Built-in rechargeable battery, opens up to 80 bottles on a single charge.
Designed for all traditional wine bottles at family,restaurant,party and so on.
Foil cutter included for easily removing seals.
Ergonomic comfortable soft-grip handle

How to use the Electric Wine Opener?

1. Before removing the cork, place the foil cutter on top of a bottle of wine and press inward and twist to cut and remove the wine bottle seal.
2. Hold the wine bottle in one hand to keep it stable, the other hand place the cordless wine opener over the corked wine bottle.
3. Simply press the Up button to start. The unit’s corkscrew will spiral down to enter the cork, keep pressing until the corkscrew stalls/stops.
4. Once the corkscrew has stalled/stopped, lift the automatic wine opener upwards away from the bottle. The cork is now removed from the wine bottle.
5. Remove the cork from the wine opener by pressing the Down button–the corkscrew turns in the opposite direction to release the cork.

Clean and Maintenance

1.Clean with a slightly damp cloth and then dry with a dry cloth.
2.Please do not wash the appliance with water directly or place the appliance in the dishwasher.
3.Place in a well-ventilated place

Package Contents:

1x Automatic Rechargeable Wine Opener
1x Foil Cutter
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • [Sleek Design] – The attractive electric wine opener features a stainless steel exterior with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, as well as an elegant charging base with blue LED light. Elegant design for wine enthusiast who admires new gadgets
  • [Opens in Seconds] – Cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in 6-8 seconds- without breaking the cork. Comes with foil cutter for easily removing seals with one turn of a hand, allowing you to spend more time with your guests.Powered by 4 AA batteries ( included)
  • EASY TO USE: 1. Take the foil cutter and place it on the top of the bottle,turn the bottle and remove the foil. 2. Pushing the up button to removes the cork from the bottle and pushing the down button to releases the cork from the opener
  • GREAT GIFT: It’s affordable and also makes a useful gift for anyone who is a wine enthusiast and for any occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, housewarmingThe stainless finish is top notch fits in well with the kitchen decor. It works on most synthetic corks.
  • Warranty — 40 days worry-free refund or replacement, any issue after you receive the item, please contact us first and we promise to provide the best solution to meet all your satisfactions

3 thoughts on “Bambud Electric Wine Bottle Opener Battery Powered Cordless Automatic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter(Stainless Steel)

  1. Anyone that opens more than 5 bottles of wine a week (like us) will appreciate this opener. We bought our last opener from Aldi’s and it lasted almost 2 years at this rate. This Secura model looks better and works just the same. It seems like it’s working slowly, but this is normal. The cork comes out smoothly and perfectly ejects every time. I would recommend this battery operated opener to my friends. The blue charging light is on all the time while charging, but is a perfect night light…

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  2. We love it so much, I have been gifting it to several others. This is one of 2 I ordered as Xmas gifts. I saw some had issues with it which surprised me. After positioning the opener over the cork, press the bottom of the toggle switch & continue to press it until the cork is removed from the bottle (not just until it is in the cork). The top of the toggle switch is only used to eject the cork from the opener AFTER it’s out of the bottle. Everyone I have given it to has loved it, including a…

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  3. LOVE it!I’m a wine consultant and I open a lot of wine bottles. I got tired of twisting a manual one and got this one. Why did I wait!!? This is a amazing opener. Works like a charm. All you do is line up the worm in the middle of the cork and press the button and hold it until it stops. It goes in easily and comes out slowly. It might sound like it’s running low on power when it’s bringing it up but that’s only for a second. Once it gets all the way out, press the top of the button and it…

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