Hidden Gems of Italy: An Insider’s Secret Formula To Find Top-Class Italian Wines At Value Prices And Taste La Dolce Vita

“BEST EUROPEAN WINE BOOK WINNER” —GOURMAND INTERNATIONALCAN YOU FIND A $20 ITALIAN WINE THAT TASTES LIKE $50?The answer is Yes. This refined guide to Italian Wine turns you into a savvy shopper who enjoys luxury wine at value prices. If you like making your own buying decisions, then the Hidden Gem Formula will give you the tools you need to find deals on top-quality Italian wine.Wine insider Tony Margiotta gives you his blueprint to finding life-changing Italian Wines. Be “in the know” about Italian wine and your friends will praise you for your superb taste.GET THE INSIDE SCOOP ON:How to find top-class Italian wines that taste like $50, but only cost you $203 Mistakes that keep you away from Italy’s best wineThe Truth about 90-point wines, Super Tuscans, and Pinot GrigioThe Single Easiest Clue to finding a quality Italian wineWhat the Big Wine Industry doesn’t want you to knowVelvety textures. Seductive aromas. Mouthwatering flavors.Hidden Gems of Italy leads you to the secret wines that your palate desires.Forget about all the connoisseur talk and nonsense. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the shopping tips in this book will give you new ways to seek out these hidden Italian gems.Why deny yourself the best wine Italy offers? Begin your journey into the world of Italian wine now and find your first hidden gem this weekend.BONUS:Link to FREE COMPANION MATERIAL so you can sharpen your savvy shopping skills even further.

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  1. Kudos to the author for presenting an amazing but alternative wine guide!There are two facts I feel worth pointing out:1. While small producers may turn out superlative money-worth wines, this may not necessarily be true. Just recently, I have visited a small winery in the Douro Valley, Portugal (Quinta do Jalloto), and noted the dilapidated state of the not so well off financially winery was in: lack of air conditioning in the ageing cellars, plus the wet and messy floors…

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  2. Italian wine is probably the most difficult wine region in the world to understand. With the 20 regions and hundreds of grape varietals, it can be overwhelming even to wine experts. Most generic wine books touch on Italy briefly and usually only cover the wines of Piemonte and Tuscany. Hidden Gems of Italy tends to give more attention to the southern Italian wine regions which makes this book refreshing. I also like that it’s not an encyclopedia. The author gives you a few regions to begin with…

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