American Wine Story

After an upstart winemaker’s untimely death, his sister steps in to try and save his fledgling winery for his eight-year-old son: American Wine Story blends this with other tales of risk and reinvention for those who are born again into the wine industry.This feature documentary shows the transformative power of a humble beverage to fuel passion and reshape lives. Following dozens of winemakers and aficionados from all across the country to learn what drives them, and also trace some American wine history in the process. This is a film that aims to leave all audiences with a dash of inspiration to follow their own American Dreams, or at least pause and consider the story behind the bottle next time they pull a cork.

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3 thoughts on “American Wine Story

  1. Good stories, lacks focus ~ I really enjoyed the stories contained in this wine documentary. I especially enjoyed the information about Carlisle and Brooks, two wineries I regularly purchase. I’ve been to Brooks Winery down the road from me and it is a terrific winery with a sad but determined history.The only real problem I noted was the editing. The narrative jumps around quite a bit and there isn’t often a clear reason as to why. I think the folks who made this documentary wanted to keep Jim Brooks’…

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  2. Meh, good story, bad story telling Disjointed, repetitive, confusing, (I gues in an attempt to be hip) slow moving. Starts somewhere in the middle/end of the story and it takes intense concentration to figure out who the characters are. The story is not really about the sister taking over the winery. About 95% is not about that. It is difficult to figure out who the other winemakers and friends are–the filmmakers got to Arizona, Missouri and other parts of the country but do not identify very clearly who is from where…

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