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Conde Nast Traveler
Worst Travel Magazine This is the worst travel magazine I have subscribed to. I subscribe to National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure and Lonely Planet Traveller and they are all far superior to Conde Nast. About 60% of this magazine is filled with advertisements and many not having to do with travel. When you actually get to an article or some sort of travel information it is of no use unless you are independently wealthy. I am not a cheap traveler, but this magazine is ridiculous. Most of the information in…

1001 Wines You Must Taste Before You Die
The only book on Wine you’ll ever need Over the years I’ve collected many books on wine (having been in the Wine Trade for a long time). Now retired I can re-read and buy new ones.This book is thick and heavy,but contains all you need to know about not only the 1001 wines in it,but also the vineyard,history,proprietor,winemakerand how the wine was made.Most importantly it tells you what it tastes like,and recommends other vintages of the same wine and also recommendsother wines similar in style and price.And there…

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