Wine Spectator Magazine December 31, 2018 – January 15, 2019 | The Top 100

Wine Spectator Magazine – December 31, 2018/January 15, 2019 print issue with blue-chip bottles rose to the fore in the globe-spanning assortment of wines reviewed by our editors in 2018. But under-the-radar regions and producers delivered spectacular results as well, with this year’s most exciting wines occupying the top tiers of quality, value and artistry. Includes Wine of the Year, Top 100 at a Glance, Profiles of Wines Nos. 2 to 100, Top 100 by Region and Variety, 10 Years of Top 10s, Wines of the Year 1988 to 2017, Values in the Top 100, Tasting Notes for the Top 100 Wines and Classic-Scoring Wines of 2018; New York Wine Experience – Wine Spectator’s annual celebration of wine culture drew thousands for three days of world-class tastings led by the vintners themselves; 100 Values – Priced at $20 or less, these delicious reds, whites and sparklers are sure to bring cheer to holiday tables.

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