Electric Wine Opener, Ravifun Stainless Steel Corkscrew Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Kit with Foil Cutter

Voltage rating: DC 6V(4pcs Alkaline batteries) .
Weight: 300g (not including batteries) .
Size: 25.2 * 4.5cm (9.85x 1.78 inch) .
3.Silent Technology: <75 DB.
Opening wine in 6~8 seconds, can open over 😯 bottles continually for full charged batteries.

How To Use
1. Iinstall 4pcs AA alkaline batteries according to the positiveand negative electrode.
2. Use the foil cutter to cut the foil.
3. Place the wine opener on the top of the bottle, keepthe screw drill on the centre of the cork, make sure that itremains as straight/ upright as possible at all times.
4. Hold the bottle and wine opener firmly. and keep pressingthe corkage button until cork out.
5. Keep pressing the cork back button until the cork is pulled out. (Make sure the wine opener remains strait when operating. If not, press cork back button and reopen it).

How To Replace The Batteries:
1.Open the batteries cover which on the top of opener (in a counterclockwise direction).
2.Install 4 pieces alkaline AA batteries or 4 pieces AA 700mA Nickel cadmium batteries according to the anode andcathode which marked on the battery compartment.
3. Battery cover’s snaps need aligned the groove of thebattery compartment, then press down and twist the covertightly (in a clockwise direction).

Package Includes: 
1 * Electric wine opener.
1 * Foil Cutter.
1 * User manual.

* 4 pack of AA batteries are required (Not included in the package).
* Please take out all alkaline batteries if you not using this wine opener for a period.
* Keep it away from children to avoid any hurts.
* Read the user manual before using.

Product Features

  • 1. Easy To Use: One-touch functionality Electric wine opener with one hand effortlessly removes corks in seconds. Air plugs help prevent air ingress.Wine pourer as an aerator to saturate the wine with oxygen. A handy foil cutter comes to help remove the foil seal which cover on the cork, so you can open the bottle with the wine opener more quickly and easily.
  • 2. High Quality: Aluminum alloy body, Strength ABS transparent cover,Food grade Teflon drill, The corkscrew is placed in the inner structure of the device, will not protrude out the bottom of the electric wine bottle opener during operation, resistant to corrosion. Silent technology. Very comfortable and safe.
  • 3. Elegant And Durable: Will no longer looking awkward with open the wine in front of your guest, just need few seconds with this item.
  • 4. Power Saving: A group of high-performance batteries (4 pieces AA batteries, Not included), Opening wine in 6-8 seconds, normally can open 80 bottles or even more.
  • 5. Package Included: 1 * Electric Wine Bottle Opener, 1 * Foil Cutter, 1 * User Manual, packed in box. Click Add to Cart and Buy Now!

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