Red wine is well known across the globe for having numerous heart-friendly benefits. According to studies, risk of heart disease is tremendously lowered with moderate drinking of wine; aside from that it can also reduce heart attack among people belonging to the middle age group which is between 30 – 50 years in age. Additionally, some studies indicate that drinking 2 shots of red wine per day (1 shot for women) can reportedly raise good HDL cholesterol level; while at the same time prevent the bad LDL cholesterol from rising to alarming heights.

On top of that, some researches have also shown that moderate consumption of red wines can also lower the incidences of thrombosis, or presence of blood clots in the arteries or veins; thereby preventing damage of blood vessels. Consequently, problems regarding high blood pressure are lower among people who regularly drink moderate amount of wine per day compared to people who are not drinking wine at all.

Red wine has numerous heart friendly benefits because it contains antioxidants like the flavonoid phenolics coming from the red grapes. These antioxidants are greatly beneficial in preventing the formation of plaques in the arteries; as well as increase the level of HDL cholesterol in blood.

For avid red wine lovers, these things are great news for them because they have many reasons to drink their favorite wines. However, it is also important to note that excessive drinking may also cause numerous unwanted effects to the health of a person; as a result of high alcohol intake. In fact, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can lead to more severe health problems that definitely outweigh the numerous health benefits of moderate drinking of red wine.

Consequently, wine drinker are highly encourage their wine consumption to moderate drinking only for health reasons and to avoid getting the ill effects of drinking too much alcohol. For men, 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day will already do; while women should have lesser like only one glass per day. On the average, a glass of wine should only by 4 ounces; but it is highly suggested to lessen the amount as the alcohol content of the wine is higher.

Nevertheless, the heart-friendly benefits of drinking red wine is only good when drinking is done moderately; otherwise, too much of it will also result to having more disadvantages than the benefits of drinking moderately.

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