Bad Advice from Wine – Great Gift for Wine Lovers – Funny Notebook with Wine Quotes – You Should Post That Selfie on ALL Your Social Media!

Do you know the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot? Riesling and Chardonnay? Red wine and white wine? Are your senses in exquisite shape from multiple wine tastings and classes? Can you identify the fruit or spices in an individual glass of wine? No? Maybe you prefer to pick up the $5 bottle of wine while you’re grocery shopping in the middle of the day with your three kids screaming at the top of their lungs for the box of cereal on the top shelf. We don’t judge. Whether you are a wine connoisseur, just love having a glass (or four) after a long day, or you’re the person that stocks up on box wine whenever it’s on sale – this notebook is perfect for you. For all the times we’ve heard bad advice, no advice can compete with that from a bottle of wine. Even after a couple of glasses, we’re still treading in dangerous advice territory. And unfortunately, it hits on many different aromas… Advice about Facebook – “You should post that selfie on all your social media!” Career advice – “Add Private Investigator to your business card” Advice when you are lonely – “Since is’t 1 A.M. you should try Facetiming him!” Relationship advice – “Yes. Absolutely. You should text him.” Advice against your better judgement – “Trust me, it’s probably his sister!” Don’t let this bad advice scare you away – this notebook makes a great gift for any wine lover. We all need a little humor, and wine in our lives, let this notebook bring a little of both. Use this full-bodied notebook as a classy list-keeper, elegantly keep track of your to-do’s, or just use it to keep the kids occupied while you’re chatting (or sipping). The possibilities are endless. This notebook pairs well with any bottle of wine – making it the perfect give for that beloved wine-loving mother, girlfriend, sister, grandmother, in-law, or any other wine-o in your life. So grab a glass, pop the bottle and enjoy!

Product Features

  • GREAT GIFT FOR “BOOK” or “CARD” CLUBS-All the best clubs have a healthy wine flow-it helps dialogue!
  • YOUR SQUAD WILL LOVE IT!-Bad wine advice leads to some of the best stories you have with friends.
  • GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER-Who knows? But maybe other people may have gotten bad advice, too.
  • FUN GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION- Anytime is wine time, so these notebooks are perfect all year long!
  • PERFECT JOURNAL FOR HOME-TASTINGS-quality construction & laminated covers just in case spills happen

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