Extra Large Bamboo Cheese Board– Natural Wooden Serving Platter for Spreads, Crackers, Brie, Dried Fruits, Meat and Wine- Double Drawer with 8 Knives – Server for Parties – Perfect Gift

Bamboo cheese board set

American families are big, American parties are even bigger, so it makes total sense for food and kitchen items to be the right size for the number of guests. We’ve taken all of that in to account when created our bamboo cheese board set. When there are multiple people, eager to eat cheese and crackers there can often be a hold up. Our cheese board has a large surface area for as much cheese as you can imagine. It measures 15 ¾ x 13 ¾ x 1 ½” to fit all your favorites plus it has a groove all the way round for crackers….lots of crackers.

Extendable trays

Our cheese board comes with not one, but two drawers which fully extend from underneath the cutting board surface. They contain two identical sets of cheese knives, eight in total, so you have suitable knives for all types of cheese. We found that other cheese boards on the market often have a limited cheese knife selection, and more often than not the drawers fall out when extended. This is hazardous as the knives are extremely sharp. Our trays remain safely in place and do not reduce the surface area of the board or the cracker groove, when in use.

The perfect serving board for parties and events

Camembert, Cheddar, Brie, Blue Cheese the list is endless!! When it comes to party displays, the generous size of our cheese platter board means you can fit all your favorites on there plus crackers, grapes, apricots, and pickles too. When not in use as a cheese board it makes an ideal serving board for fruit and vegetables.

When not in use clean your cheese serving board with warm soapy water. Not suitable for dishwashers. Extend the drawers out while the cheese board is drying.

BUY NOW and impress your family and friends with a supersized cheese board

Product Features

  • SUPERSIZED – Knowing that most cheeseboards on the market are small, we have gone ahead and designed a bigger and better cheeseboard that has double the amount of cheese knives and a continuous cracker groove, easily accessed from any angle
  • BAMBOO – Strong and durable, it is the perfect material for great quality kitchen tools and utensils. Grown and harvested without pesticides it is 100% organic, safe, biodegradable and extremely good quality
  • DEEP GROOVE and TWO DRAWERS – A cheeseboard is not complete without crackers. We have designed our cheese board set to have a continuous groove around the edge of the cheese tray to accommodate crackers. If you’re having a party, then the crackers can be reached from any side of the board and the groove won’t be compromised when the trays are in use. The unique double drawer design makes cheese knives accessible from both sides. Proprietary PATENT PENDING design.
  • SURFACE – With a large surface, space isn’t reduced when the drawers are being used. Please inspect competitions. The two cheese knife drawers are their own unit and will not fall from the cheese board when fully extended. Eight cheese knives are included meaning numerous people can use them at the same time to prevent queues and lines building at parties
  • GUARANTEED GIFT – Surprise a cheese loving friend or family member with the ultimate, American sized cheese board, perfect for large families and events. It makes a fantastic housewarming or wedding present and is ideal for New year, Christmas and 4th of July parties.

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  1. Amazing and thoughtfully designed! This cheese tray is the best cheese board ever. The little drawers are the best and most thoughtful feature. When you are getting ready for a gathering, you don’t want to have to hunt for your cheese knives. The little drawers ensure that your knives are right there and ready to be used every time. The groove to hold crackers around the edge holds an entire box of Costco crackers, and the top has plenty of room for meats and cheeses. I don’t have to refill the tray at all during my family…

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