VonShef Wine Bottle Cooler Chiller, Stainless Steel, Double Walled Insulated, Stemless Holder with Gift Box

VonShef Wine Cooler
This Wine Cooler is a stylish and functional method to keep your wine chilled. A perfect center piece for dinner parties and entertaining giving your home a restaurant feel.

Double Wall Insulation
Ideal for both home and professional use this modern and unique design has a double wall construction that insulates your wine from ambient room temperature.

Convenient and Easy to use, simply insert your chilled wine into our VonShef Wine Cooler- no ice needed! Save valuable fridge space and avoid making trips to the fridge all evening, this really is essential for any party or occasion. Don’t settle for warm wine! This contemporary and refined design makes this a truly elegant piece that will complement any bar or kitchen. Supplied in an attractive black and gold gift box, making the perfect gift for a wine lover for Birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Product Features

  • WINE COOLER: Keeps wine chilled
  • DOUBLE WALLED: Unique Double wall construction for insulation.
  • PRACTICAL: Ideal for home or professional use.
  • STYLISH: Stylishly and elegantly designed, 7.9 x 5.1 inches with 4.3 inch diameter hole (approx.). Suitable for standard sized wine bottles.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: In a stylish brushed Stainless Steel finish, this contemporary cooler is supplied in an attractive gift box.

3 thoughts on “VonShef Wine Bottle Cooler Chiller, Stainless Steel, Double Walled Insulated, Stemless Holder with Gift Box

  1. For professional, home, or picnic use, this is the chiller you want I run professional wine tasting demos, having bottles on a table for 3+ hours as I pour them. These chillers work splendidly! Even with the bottles going in and out, they maintain a good chilled temperature throughout the tasting: my bottles come out of the fridge, go directly into these, and by the end of the tasting are in the low 60s (temp. taken in the air gap between bottle and interior of chiller). I put these (I have 2, and will buy more if/when I need to) in the freezer the night…

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