Eclipse New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit by Winexpert

FREE SHIPPING!! Winexpert Eclipse Wine Making Kits have the highest single strength juice and varietal content of any Winexpert wine kit, past or present. Added grape skins on most of the red wines, as well as, changes in oak and yeast processes on some styles ensures Eclipse wines are comparable to commercial wines, delivering outstanding varietal character, structure and intensity of flavor. Bottle labels included in each wine kit, as well as, varietal style sticker with concise wine descriptors. 18 liter kits make 6 gallons. Flavor – highest single strength juice and varietal content Character – varietal specific grape skins for added tannin, color and flavor Structure – premium tannins and optimized alcohol levels deliver full-bodied, structured wines Aroma – optimized and dual yeast processes for outstanding aromatics Complexity – refined and two stage oaking providing additional flavor and complexity 18 liter/4.9 US gallons format making 23 liters/6 US gallons The kit listed is the WINE KIT ONLY. Each wine kit contains the concentrate and juice plus they contain all of the necessary ingredients to make the specified amount of wine. The ingredients include yeast, bentonite, potassium metabisulfite, potassium sorbate and a fining agent. Some kits may also contain oak, ederberries, currants, other ingredients specific to the wine kit and/or a flavoring pack. If you need wine making equipment to make the wine, please look at our starter kits on our web site where you might be pleasantly surprised. If you have any questions, please give us a call at our store or email us.

Product Features

  • A complex white wine with beguiling aromas of gooseberry, herbs, pink grapefruit, fresh-cut grass, asparagus, lime-leaf, tropical fruit, and passion fruit
  • Long, rich flavors, redolent with grass and currant leaves, and a crisp dry finish. Serve with oysters, scallops, salmon, spicy food (Hunan Chinese is spectacular!), asparagus, herbed roast chicken and crab
  • Sweetness: Dry Body: Full Oak Level: None
  • Each kit contains 18 Liters of Grape Juice / Makes 6 gallons.

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  1. I purchased your product in good faith believing that I had a really great wine … Customer service was excellent. I had some trouble with a leaking bag and Diseree’ took care of everything! I can’t say how much I appreciate the nice professional attitude. So refreshing!I started the kit 10-9-17 so it will be a few months before I am able to review the final product. That being said, the instructions were clear and the ingredients looked to be high quality. I have high hopes and will add to this review when the wine making process is complete.**4…

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