Stainless Steel Trump Wine Pourer & Aerator

We believe in using the highest quality materials to make the highest quality product on the market. Instead of using a cheaper, commonly used zinc alloy, we use stainless steel with a custom antique finish. All of our pourers are individually handcrafted and tested to ensure satisfaction. Why does exposing your wine to air make it taste better? Wine is made up of hundreds of compounds, and with aeration, usually the volatile and undesirable compounds will evaporate more quickly than the enjoyable, aromatic and flavorful ones. When using one of our pourers, the process takes effect immediately allowing you to simply enjoy the benefits of aeration without having to wait! Aerate your wine with style and choose your favorite animal to liven up the party! Nobody likes a boring pourer… Making a difference one pourer at a time. We have chosen to donate a portion of proceeds from each sale to the World Wildlife Fund! For more information visit:

Product Features

  • Highest Quality Material – We use high quality stainless steel with an antique finish as opposed to zinc alloy used by competitors.
  • Improve Taste With Ease – Our simple pourer & aerator combination allows you to enjoy your wine instantly without having to decant or “let it breathe”. Just pop it into the bottle and enjoy!
  • Perfect Party Gift – Be unique and add one of these wild little guys along with a nice bottle of wine to stand out from the pack. Also makes for a great grab-bag gift!
  • Fun and Safe – Show your wild side. Great conversation starter and made with the highest quality FDA approved materials and removable rubber stopper for proper cleaning.
  • Compatibility – Our pourers are equipped with specially designed silicon stoppers that fits snugly into almost any wine or liquor bottle. These animals play nicely with everyone!

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