Australia is well known for producing splendid white wines. Some of its masterpieces when it comes to dry white wine are the Pinot Gris, the Sauvignon Blanc, and the Chardonnay. Those hailing from the vineyards of the Barossa Valley are especially given extra appreciation. The finest white wine to buy however, is neither the Chardonnay, nor the other two. Australia is so advanced in wine production that it's already attributed for the most unique white wines. Wine Australian is exported to many countries, the United Kingdom being number one with exports worth over $900 million dollars, followed by the U.S., Canada, and even wine-producing countries like New Zealand and Germany.

So it's clear that the Sauvignon Blanc is not the only wine to buy in Australia. The Chenin Blanc is a fine white wine from Australia's Swan Valley that entices drinkers for it's invigorating and fruity taste. Besides the Chenin Blanc, the Marsanne is also another very lucrative white wine. It’s like Chardonnay but more peachy, more spicy, and a bit sweeter. But the fact that it delivers higher acidity retains the taste of the wine's grape. Another white wine to buy is the Semillon. It’s a popular wood-aged wine that has a deep yellow color and flavors of peach, mango, and vanilla. It’s a specialty from the Riverina in New South Wales that’s tasty and easy on the palate.

Another wine to buy in the country is the Riesling. Australian Rieslings have higher alcohol content and are less sweet than the ones in the West. It’s very crisp, fruity, and it has this youthful freshness. Australian Rieslings are also delightfully varied in the country. The Clare Valley and Eden Valley Rieslings are dominated by fruit flavors while the ones from the Barossa are smoother and with an all-around flavor. The ones in Australia are surprisingly fresh and floral. Australia is also known for its sticky sweet Riesling dessert wines, white wines with racy acidity taken from really dried berries. The wine to buy in Australia is truly unique and personified. Other great white wines include the Muscat, the Colombard, and the Gewurtztaminer.

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