Wine Vacuum Bottle Preserver Saver – Vacu-Win – for Advanced Wine Preservation – Best Wine Sealer Kit – with 3 Vacuum Re-usable Wine Stoppers – Black


RedNoel Vacuum Wine Preserver keeps your wine fresh longer than a traditional cork. Our wine saver is made of exclusively ecological and natural materials. Also wine bottle pump has an exclusive black design. The combination of elegance and effectiveness makes it different from all other types of wine vacuum on the market.

What is it for?!

Loves to drink wine but don’t want to drink the entire bottle? Not a problem! Wine Pump Preserver Kit will help you to keep your wine fresh up to 2 weeks.

How it works?!

Wine vacuum sealer easily extracts the air from the bottle, saving the taste of your favorite wine. Prevents bacteria inserting and oxidation process.

Note: Suitable for all Red and White Wines. Not suitable for sparkling wine.

What comes in set?!

Wine bottle preserver saver kit includes:

x 1 black wine preserver/ bomba de vino

x 3 extra vacuum bottle stoppers/ tapones de los vinos

How to use?!

1. Wash the bottle stopper with water before using
2. Insert the wine bottle stopper into the bottle
3. Press the pump saver over the cap
4. Pull the wine pump handle up and down several times to exhaust the air
5. When you feel strong air resistance, the bottle is already vacuumed
6. You can keep your wine fresh for several days
7. If you want to drink your wine again, just press the button at the top of the wine preserver stopper to release the air.

Note: Intuitively clear how much air you need to pump out.

Manufacturer offers 100% guarantee!!

A usar la bomba de aire para mantener el resto del vino fresco.

Save wine for next time with RedNoel wine bottle pump!!

Product Features

  • WINE PRESERVER – easy to use without much effort. This wine saver removes air from the bottle, preventing the change of wine taste. The best gift for real wine enthusiasts.
  • WINE VACUUM KIT contains: 1 black wine bottle pump and 3 extra vacuum stoppers. Wine stoppers pack comes in elegant dark blue box. Perfect kitchen accessories Vacu-Win – for Advanced !
  • RED WINE PRESERVER: This is a premium quality. Wine pump is made of food stainless steel and ecological plastic. Vacuum stoppers are made of natural rubber and all are re-usable.
  • WINE SAVER by RedNoel – lasting wine preservation process. Vacuum pump sits tight and seals well. Rubber wine vacuum sealers prevents leakages. Due to which it will keep your red and white wine FRESH up to 2 weeks. Vacu-Win – for Advanced.
  • WINE BOTTLE PUMP – the best gift for wine drinkers. Buy NOW and SAVE your wine! ADD to CART!

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