Published 8 times a year, Whisky Magazine is the perfect complement to the dram in your glass. Every issue brings you fascinating articles on the art, science and romance of the ‘water of life’, plus page after page of tasting notes.

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  1. Eye-pleasing but too commercial and slick Very attractive, great photo spreads and tie-ins with food, fashion and celebrity – but that is its problem. Too many human-interest and fashionista stories and ads and tie-ins with the slick and beautiful. You can get more info and stories about scotch and whisky themselves in Whisky (Malt) Advocate at a much cheaper price per year (WM’s more issues just mean more ads and fluff). Both spend a lot of review space on whiskies that are either unobtainable in most locales or unaffordable but its…

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  2. Top Notch reading for the Scotch lover I highly recommend this magazine. Michael Jackson is the Consultant Editor, along with many other wise industry folks. Always a good read with Feature articles that vary from reviews of particular distilleries to components of scotch like peat.Michael Jackson and Dave Broom write “The tastings” section and there are the regular articles as well as many references to where you can find information and purchase whisky online or by phone. Also provides good breaking industry news and a…

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