2-PACK – AeraWine Infusion Wine Aerator, Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanting Spout, 100% Made in the USA

immediately enjoy the results. For the lighter reds, such as a Pinot Noir, less tilt will provide just the right amount of aeration. The great thing is you can decide for yourself. A custom pour every time.

Aerating Your Wine

Now you’re probably wondering how and why a little oxygen will make your wine taste better. It’s important that wines are allowed to “breathe”. By allowing the contents of the wine bottle to “breathe” you are actually ensuring a smoother taste.
The AeraWine Infusion Aerator achieves this by infusing air into your favorite wine as it is poured from the bottle allowing its flavors to develop properly.
Aerating allows the wine to mix with oxygen and come alive. Wine “wakes up” outside its original vessel. Using the Aerawine Infusion Aerator is as simple as pouring your favorite wine or spirit from the bottle into your glass. No waiting for enhanced taste and NO MESS

Product Features

  • 100% MADE in the USA with features no other aerator cam match. Supporting American Manufacturing
  • The best pourer with the benefit of Instant Infusion Aeration, Drip-free, Leak-free pour from any angle, no more mess
  • Patented Aeration Process allows for an elegant low profile pour spout because the aeration starts in the bottle
  • Made with superior materials that will resist chipping even if dropped, other aerators chip easily
  • Unique friction attachment allows for easy cleaning, no small, hard to clean holes like other aerators

3 thoughts on “2-PACK – AeraWine Infusion Wine Aerator, Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanting Spout, 100% Made in the USA

  1. Breathing Brings Life to the Taste of Red Wine Too! A Quality, Easy to Use, Economical Tool Without the Mess While Aerating! My wife and I have learned that aerating really does improve the taste of wine. We have purchased grooved aerator wine glasses that allow the user to swirl the liquid, we have used an aerator to pour the liquid through and now use this easy to install and remove AeraWine Infusion Spirit and Wine Aerator to aerate our red wine.The thing I like best about this aerator is that it is quick, easy to use and never messy. Unlike using aerators that result in wine on the counter or glass…

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  2. She liked the one that had gone through the aerator better We’ve had this one well over a year now. Use it with every red we open. I did not expect it to work as well as it does. Early on I preformed and accidental blind taste test. I had opened a bottle and got out glasses for my wife and I. I forgot that we had gotten this until after I had poured the first glass. So I used it only on the second glass. I felt I could taste a difference. I called my wife in and didn’t tell her what I was testing. I just told her to try some from each glass…

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  3. Does the job! I was given a hand-held Vinturi aerator that cost around 50 bucks that I’ve been using for years, but this little widget does a perfectly fine job adding air to the wine. Whether you pour directly to the glass or into the decanter to let the wine breathe some, this infuser works well with no fuss. I don’t have to hold it or rinse out the screen or worry about the wine fermenting in the infuser stand. Easy peazy! As with most wines, you need to let a freshly poured glass sit for a little while…

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