Handcrafted and Painted Wine Glasses by Sonoma Artisan, Set of 2. Ideal for Entertaining, a Unique Gift Idea, Romantic Night in or Just Elevating Your Wine Enjoyment

Sonoma Artisan Stemware is as practical as it is beautiful and makes a sophisticated and elegant gift set for any occasion. Whether a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, holiday, thank you, shower or housewarming, this set of 2 exquisite 27 oz. handmade, handcrafted and hand painted wine glasses reminiscent of stained glass are the special gift that someone wouldn’t normally treat themselves to. These versatile and artistic wine glasses are sure to be treasured by couples, wine and cocktail lovers, hosts and hostesses, family, and friends for many years to come.

Master artisan glassblowers use traditional glass blowing techniques to delicately craft each Sonoma wine glass by hand.

The special Sonoma style combines elegance with balance by featuring a slightly shortened stem and widened bowl that allows wine to breathe and release its tantalizing aromas while enhancing its flavors. The glass is shaped to make each sip of a full-bodied red wine, white wine, sangria or specialty cocktail breathtakingly delicious.

Our distinctive stemware pairs beautifully with any occasion, be it a formal dinner party, a casual get together, a romantic date night or relaxing evening with a good book. Sonoma Artisan Stemware is the perfect complement to any setting.

Hand-blown glass does not have the machine-made symmetry and precision of manufactured, machine-produced glass objects. A hand-blown glass piece may have slight imperfections, irregularities, or even a slightly asymmetrical form in the nature of the design, height or color depth. In addition, many hand-blown glass objects contain small air bubbles inside the glass that can get trapped during the blowing process and remain in the finished piece. At Sonoma Artisan, we believe it is the uniqueness of each piece that reveals a human hand produced the pieces, rather than a machine, which only adds to its distinctive charm.


Product Features

  • WINE TIME IS ABOUT TO GET SERIOUSLY BETTER – Why settle for plain when you can savor every sip in gorgeous glasses that overflow with style? This Sonoma Artisan set includes two handcrafted and uniquely accented 27 oz. large wine glasses.
  • MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT – Treat someone special to an elegant set of Sonoma Artisan Stemware; Great for hosts and hostesses, couples, friends and family. Set will arrive safely in a beautiful box ready for celebration; no wrapping required.
  • WINE GLASSES FOR HOSTING AND TOASTING – Presentation goes a long way. This year, serve guests in glasses they won’t forget. Whether enjoying a glass of Cabernet or Pinot, a beautiful glass always makes the drink and experience more enjoyable.
  • APPRECIATED BY WINE ENTHUSIASTS – The generous bowl of Sonoma Artisan’s stemware allows wine to breathe and release distinct flavors while its tapered top captures the wines aromas; Ideal for wine connoisseurs and aficionados to enjoy delicious varietals from a memorable glass.
  • ADD A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE TO ANY OCCASION – The versatility of these glasses will complement any setting, whether a formal dinner party, casual get together or romantic date night. Effortlessly stylish, they’ll quickly become your go-to glasses for entertaining and enjoying wine in style.

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