Funny Christmas Wine Glass Drink Markers – Wine Charms Alternative – 18 Static Cling Reusable Stickers (Xmas)

The hit of your next party!

Get the party rolling! Who gets which christmas wine glass charms?

Worrying about showing up empty-handed?

Something to remember the night by? These hilarious christmas drink markers are bound to fit in at your dinner or get together!

Never lose your wine glass again!

Never know which is your drinking glass? With 18 different christmas wine tags to choose from you can always tell it apart!

Removable and reusable!

Labels are from vinyl static cling that works on any glass, aluminum or ceramic: bottle, stemless wine glasses, cups, champagne flutes, martini glasses, and beer mugs. Leaves no residue!

Product Features

  • I’m dreaming of wine Christmas! And a party to charm my guests! These wine glass markers are the perfect way to tag your Christmas glasses and a great alternative to wine charms.
  • Pack of 18 edgy glass markers with Christmas party ornament decor. For meetings under the mistletoe!
  • Oh baby, it’s cold outside! Attending a party? A memorable hostess gift by themselves or with a bottle of wine!
  • Made of vinyl static cling. Label tags leave no residue and work on any non-porous surface like wine glasses, cups, and mugs.
  • Reusable designs – from glass to glass and from one party to the next. Dimensions: 2 x 2-Inch. NOT Dishwasher Safe, NOT Microwave Safe. Merry everything, happy always!

3 thoughts on “Funny Christmas Wine Glass Drink Markers – Wine Charms Alternative – 18 Static Cling Reusable Stickers (Xmas)

  1. These were a hit over the holidays. Think of the old colorforms but thinner. Occasionally we had to very slightly dampen a couple if they didn’t stick initially. There were some that wouldn’t completely flatten on the glass because of shape but still held clung to the glass with a wrinkle or two. Probably different glasses will handle them differently. They come off easily and adhere back to the glossy paper they came on to put away. Sooo much better than wine charms. People seemed to remember…

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