The Original Wine Disc – Drop Stopping Pour Spout (30)

30 three inch diameter food grade mylar wine pouring discs in a cardboard pack. Roll it up and place it in the neck of your wine bottle for a worry-free pour. Great for your next wine tasting party or if you are a wine rep looking for a way to avoid the dreaded bottle drip. Also great party favors for weddings, food & wine shows, caterers, tasting rooms. And why stop at wine… Wine Disc will keep you from dripping just about anything you can pour from a bottle. Get a custom permanent stamp made to personalize your Wine Discs… the possibilities are endless!! Just rinse and re-use. 100% satisfaction guaranteed… or your money back.

Product Features

  • No more red wine stains on grandma’s white table cloth
  • Easy to use: just roll it up and drop it in the neck of the bottle, rinse and re-use again and again
  • Food grade and lab tested… if it doesn’t say WineDisc on the packaging, then it isn’t
  • 100% of the Amazon ratings are from actual paying customers… no quid pro quo here. And we won’t bug you with countless emails after the sale… who needs that hassle?!

3 thoughts on “The Original Wine Disc – Drop Stopping Pour Spout (30)

  1. Don’t Try This At Home! I hold wine tastings every Saturday here at The Wine Chap wine store in Nashville, TN, and pour 6 or so wines to at least 50 people. That and the fact that I am the sloppiest pseudo-sommelier this side of the Languedoc, and you have a formula for stained shirts and shoes (always wear black around me!). These wine discs, when I remember to use them, create the impression that I am from a famous French wine family with roots that go back to the 15th century. So meticulous and perfect are my…

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  2. These work great! These mylar discs work great. You just roll one up and insert it in the bottle’s top. When the wine is poured there are no drips at all. It’s simple and it works. Mylar is also a very tough material. If you rinse off a disc and dry it after use, it can be reused many times. They take up no room, so it’s easy to take a couple on wine trips. Eventually, if these ten discs ever wear out or get lost, I’d certainly buy a pack again. BTW: when the package arrived in a mailer, one of the discs was…

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