Fly Low Creations Funny, Stemless Wine Glass For The Sassy Woman In All Of Us – Novelty, No Stem Cocktail Glasses by Elegant, Engraved Glassware with Hilarious Quote – Durable, 15 oz.

A Toast To All the Sassy, Classy, and a Bit Smart Assy Ladies Out There
Whether you are having one of those days that just requires a glass to unwind or celebrating one of life’s great joys, we have the product for you. Not for the super serious, the Fly Low Creations crafted a “wine glass for her” that pays homage to all the different hats you wear in a day. We know life can be hard which is why we know that sometimes, all it takes is a funny saying and a delicious Chardonnay to put you in a better mood. Our glasses are meant to do just that! You bring the wine; we’ll bring the accessories!

This ergonomic stemless wine glass carries 15 oz of happiness and bliss that (we promise) will help save your sanity more than once.

To all the women out there that work their tails off, we at Fly Low Creations salute you (or should we say, we cheers you) for doing your best, being your best, and managing to smile through it all. Grab that bottle, box, or vat of wine (we’re not judging) and let us provide the perfect accessory to help you unwind.

Product Details:
Holds 15 oz of refillable happiness
For literally everyone (Yes, even you gentlemen! We know life can get you down too and you need a pick-me-up)
High quality, stemless wine glass – making it more spill proof than their stemmed counterparts
The etching is beautiful and permanent, classy and refined, like Mom’s everlasting love for wine
Dishwasher safe
Proudly made in the USA

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee you’ll get drunk.

Product Features

  • FOR THAT INNER DIVA IN ALL OF US: We are business women running board meetings and stay-at-home moms shuffling kids around. We are fighters, lovers, volunteers and activists. We are single women, wives, mothers, and girlfriends just trying to make an imprint in life. We sing and dance to the beat of our own drum and make no apologies. This cheeky wine glass was created to celebrate the many sides of every woman. It is a reminder that we’re all sassy, classy, and a little smart assy.
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: Just because our wine goblets are satirical, it doesn’t negate how well-made these no stem wine glasses are. There’s no need to sacrifice luxury for humor. Fly Low Creations’ refined cocktail glasses provide an easy grip and smooth shape, meant to contour to your hand perfectly for an elegant drinking experience. Its narrow rim and slender bowl help preserve the aromas and notes for optimal taste. Plus the sturdy design makes these fun cocktail glasses almost spill-proof.
  • PARTY-GIRL READY: Our all-purpose, red and white wine glasses are so versatile, you can use them for any occasion. Whether enjoying drinks with your girlfriends on the patio, creating a formal dining experience, or hosting an outdoor, pool party, these humorous stemless glasses are great in any environment. They’re durable and chip-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about being delicate with them, and these glass cups are even strong enough to go in the dishwasher.
  • PREMIUM ETCHING TECHNOLOGY: The art of sandblasting is the premier method for etching wine glass tumblers. This method produces a clean, permanent cut into the surface of the glass. The glassware is first prepped with hand-applied film masks and protective taping. Then it is blasted with pressurized abrasive steam to create a beautifully etched design that won’t chip or wear off. This technique is also what gives it the elegant frosted appearance.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ALMOST ANY OCCASION: Because our funny gag gifts are also high quality, this product is the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. It’s great for a bachelorette party, an engagement party, a wedding, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a graduation gift, and even a baby shower (hey, mom deserves a present for herself, too!) Your friends and loved ones will adore receiving this classic and cute gift for their drinking and entertainment pleasure.

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