50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation

Are you looking for a new way to learn about wine? This unique approach to enhancing wine knowledge and appreciation cuts through the clutter and reminds everyone that the wonder of wine lies in the heart, not in the head.

Join award-winning writer Jim Laughren, CWE, on a cool, creative tour through the heart of wine country. Whether beginner or seasoned oenophile, expand your knowledge of wine tasting, wine sourcing, winemaking, wine regions, wine history, and more.
While 50 Ways to Love Wine More is brimming with facts and “vintellect” on a wide variety of wine-focused topics, what you’ll learn most is how to let wine wrap you in its embrace, whisper its secrets in your ear, and welcome you to its confederacy of aficionados. 
As always, Laughren’s easy-going style is a pleasure to read, and his love of wine shines through on every page. Anyone looking for an off the beaten path approach to embracing this special beverage need look no further. 

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  1. A wine book with something for everyone Wow! Ordered this book on the recommendation of a friend and very glad I did. This is one amazing wine book. So much about wine is covered here and clearly explained. The author has a great, witty writing style and gets into everything from food pairing to exotic wine varieties. The chapters are fairly short and it’s hard to stop before you’ve read five or six chapters in one sitting. I thought I already knew quite a lot about wine but 50 Ways to Love Wine More opened the door to things…

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