Wine Folly Wine Flavors Circle Chart, 9″

There are well over a hundred individual aroma compounds in wine that interact with each other to create thousands of potential smells. Use the flavor wheel while tasting to quickly identify different flavors in wine. The backside of the circle chart is more advanced and includes over a dozen common impact aromas. Impact aromas indicate specific compounds that are associated with specific varieties. These compounds are useful in blind tasting.

Product Features

  • Wine Flavors Circle Chart (9″ diameter), designed and printed in the USA
  • Wine Aroma Wheel with 100+ Flavors to help you taste wine like a pro
  • Backside of chart includes over a dozen common impact aromas for advanced tasters
  • Printed on 100 lb cover stock paper for a sturdy feel
  • Purchase includes one flavor chart, and 100% satisfaction guarantee

2 thoughts on “Wine Folly Wine Flavors Circle Chart, 9″

  1. What I was looking for Pretty much exactly what I was expecting.I’m good at tasting wines but I find myself falling back on the same descriptive words over & over. I bought this as a reference to help me have more flavors & smells at my fingertips for describing wines and to that end it’s a great little tool.It would be ideal to use if you were tasting something while holding the chart and using it to help you describe what you’re experiencing but it won’t help you learn which flavors are characteristic…

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  2. Arrived with a crease which is a little upsetting because I was going to use it in the lobby at my public wine storage facility here in San Diego.4 stars because it is super minor and still does what it needs, but now I’m hesitant on buying a handful of her large maps that I was going to frame and put at the end of each cellar aisle for clients to look at.It was in a flimsy bubble-style envelope. I recommend doing the standard cardboard document envelopes as they hold…

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