An Introductory Guide to Wine

Have you always wanted to learn more about wine, but didn’t know where to start? AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO WINE gives you the basics you need to understand and appreciate this intriguing beverage. Through interviews and demonstrations with leading sommeliers, winemakers, wine educators and other industry professionals, you will discover what you like and how to describe your preferences to waiters and retailers. Learn how to find quality wines at value prices.

Enjoy the beautiful California wine country over the course of three seasons and visit premium wineries for an inside look at how grapes are grown and wine is made. Experience the excitement of harvest at Clos LaChance, tour Robert Mondavi Winery, Franciscan Oakville Estate and Blackstone Sonoma. Visit the historic estate and underground caves of Schramsberg Vineyards and learn how sparkling wine is made.

AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO WINE makes the fascinating world of wine accessible to everyone!

Program Highlights * A Brief History * Health Benefits * Classic Grapes * World Wine Regions * California Wineries * Vineyard & Harvest * Winemaking * Bottles & Glasses * Wine Tasting * Home Wine Tasting * Champagne & Sparkling Wine * Ordering Wine in a Restaurant * Food & Wine Pairings * Understanding Wine Labels * Buying Wine * Serving Wine * Storing Wine * Where to Learn More

Bonus Features Resource List * Wine Definitions French, Italian & German Wine Classification Charts

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3 thoughts on “An Introductory Guide to Wine

  1. The Wonderful World of Wine – Now I Understand! This is an excellent way to pick up the fundamentals of wine. I like the systematic way in which the varietals are described (grape types), how the soil and weather affect each type of wine and region and how the labeling is different in parts of the world due to tradition and national laws. Rather than being overwhelmed by the world of wine, the film was presented in a clear way addressing wine and wine terms for the layman. Even retaining small parts of the information would be so helpful,…

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  2. Excellent guide to wine. Pretty poor production. I actually got sick of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as it was the soundtrack for the whole film (less one section when they were talking about Champagne). The audio was up and down, and made listening to it more of a challenge. The info is definitely introduction, so if you know even a little it will be but a review. (But, the title does say Introductory so I can’t fault anyone by myself). I reviewed as 3 stars (vs 2) for the simple fact that it is a production about…

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  3. Perfect for the newbie or wine aficionado. Definitely a great watch. Breaks everything down for you. History, health benefits, classic grapes (types of wine). World wine regions, wineries, vineyards & harvest. Also explains the Wine making process. Shows you the correct way of tasting wines, which is actually quite important. It makes a difference in your opinion of the wine I might add. Also, Includes Wine pairings, understanding the labels, buying, serving, storing wine & so much more…

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