1 X Glass Hydrometer Test Jar

This glass hydrometer test jar has a wide plastic base to prevent tipping. The longer tube makes this test jar perfect for any of our hydrometers. A test jar makes taking hydrometer reading easier, and with less waste.

Product Features

  • Glass hydrometer test jar
  • 13″ high
  • Removable plastic base

3 thoughts on “1 X Glass Hydrometer Test Jar

  1. Not Up To The Task I had to buy this to go with my purchase of the I do NOT regret it at all. I have even recently moved and my wife did the the packing on some of my “home brew” stuff. I was afraid it was a lost cost.I was unpacking one of the boxes the other day and there this beauty sat just as clear as the day she was packed.The glass is solid, if…

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  2. Use it every time I brew. TLDR: The bottom on these is paper thin and breaks very easily, at just the tap of a floating hydrometer!Mine arrived yesterday so I filled it with a sample from primary and dropped my hydrometer in — this brew is pretty much done (1.005) so the hydrometer sank straight to the bottom, and then suddenly beer was draining all over my counter — the floating(!) hydrometer sinking to and tapping the bottom had broken straight through!After cleaning everything up, I…

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