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Whisky Advocate (formerly Malt Advocate) is America’s leading whisky publication. It’s a premier source for whisky information, education and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. Explore the world of single malts, scotch, bourbon, rye, Canadian whisky, Irish Whiskey and craft distillers and increase your enjoyment of one of life’s great pleasures! Each issue features reviews and ratings you can rely on when you’re ready to make your next whisky purchase.

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  1. Great read for any whisky fan (also excellent gift idea) Definitely a comprehensive magazine for anyone who enjoys whisky, whether you consider yourself an aficionado or not. Reviews are always included, and while most of the reviews focus on bottles I consider pricey (or hard to find in the Bible Belt), they do make an effort to include information on cheaper brands and/or batches offered by the big distilleries. Also works well for our household, as they report on the entire whisky spectrum, including scotch (my favorite) and bourbon (my…

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